Lose Weight While Eating The Ebook 2nd Edition

As my readers know me, I am Nurris, the writer of this book and the admin of

https://weightlosseatingplans.net/”  which works on different weight loss eating plans. I wrote this e-book named ‘Lose Your Weight While Eating’ for my blog readers and any users who are curious and like to have a healthy life. But after getting some email from my readers, I choose to publish the 2nd copy of this book.

The reasons are simple. If you do not read my Ebook2nd edition_Lose Your Weight While Eating, I am requesting you, for sake of a healthy life, just follow the simple instructions from my book. The foods are according to special diet meal plan, just have a faith and follow it. You can see the result in 30 days for sure.

In my e-book, I specially covered the cause and effect. Why the overweight problem is so bad, what happens if you suffer from an overweight problem. If you a man or woman, if you have a child, how much they need to weight as per their height everything is discussed.

When I come to solves part, where I deliver the possible solves for you. I know, you don’t have much time to workout or visit a gym. So I focused on that type of food, which should help you to slowly lose weight if you continue to eat them as per I recommend in the book.


Lots of you have asked for some example images, so that, the 2nd edition contains some eye-catching and appropriate image as per needed. Like – protein containing food in your diet, low glycemic index food, Probiotic food, Lots of salad and water.

But if you choose a healthy diet plan, and start eating pizza and other junk food, it will not much help for you. When you choose the diet plan to lose weight, you have to determine until you got your goal aka weight loss.

The Ebook content.

Also, some of you do not drink water at all. One normal person needs to drink minimum 3-5 liters of water per day. If you don’t drink, you got bonus kidney problem along with the body weight. Water helps to digest the foods in your stomach, just remember that.

In 2nd edition, as the bonus item, I added a height to body weight chart for both male and female. The chart will help you to understand, how much weight you have to gain or lose according to your weight.

This is made by scientists, with years of experiments and observation. You need to follow it for maximum result. The first time you measure your height and weight ratio, and then you go for the foods. By this, you got a healthy diet plan for sure.

For 2nd edition, this is enough according to me. I will bring you some new e-books on new topics like diet plan to lose weight soon, Love-Nurris

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