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How to get rid of obesity through a perfect weight loss eating plan

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OVERVIEW (BACK IN DAYS) Obesity and the weight loss eating plan.

(obesity through a perfect weight loss eating plan) It is said that the invention of the wheel flagged the journey of human civilization. Then gradually science came into play making our life a lot easier, faster and smarter. But later we recognized that it has two inevitable consequences: environmental pollution and obesity.

People have realized the need to control pollution much earlier and UNESCO named 5th June of every year as World Environment Day early in 1973. But the later one has been emerged as a silent killer without getting noticed by anyone.  Even two decades ago undernourishment was thought to be one of the major problems of the world, but now even the developing countries suffer from the curse of obesity.

You will be surprised to know that approximately 2 billion people of the world are currently suffering from this disease making it a global epidemic. Obesity affects our body by developing heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, gout probably by each and every possible way. Evidently, diminishing of public wealth causes low productivity, which highly affects GDP of the concerned country.

Except for the lack of physical labor, eating packaged fast foods is another reason for getting obese. To achieve a perfect body weight we must focus on weight loss eating plan. Unsaturated fat and acidic foods contain very small amount of protein and vitamins which is highly harmful to us. We must try our best to consume healthy food which is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber etc.

In fact, clean eating meal plan for weight loss is very important as no exercise or medicine will be effective if you continue to eat hamburgers or sugary coffee drinks.



How to get rid of obesity through a perfect weight loss eating plan

Many of us think that all the delicious foods on earth are harmful and vice versa. But you will love to know that there many items too which are good for our health but do not taste that bad. Here are some items which you should make a part of your daily meals.


Yogurt: Among the entire dairy products yogurt is considered to be the healthiest. As per “Obesity Research” published in 2005, intake of 2 cups of yogurt infuses our body with 1100 mg of calcium. This reduces our belly fat leading to an effective weight loss. Moreover, it protects our gum which reduces the chances of heart disease.

Whole Egg: Conventionally people have always been considered eggs to be weight gaining supplement. But in recent studies, nutritionists have found a diet containing whole eggs to be pretty much helpful in reducing weight. It contains a high amount of healthy fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins. Eggs contain exceptionally high proportion of protein,

and we know that protein works great in reducing appetite. Moreover, the nutritional value of a standard egg is only 80 calorie in spite of being rich in so many valuable nutrients. That is why at least one egg per day should be included in your weight loss eating plan.

Salmon and Tuna Fish: Almost every sea fish is good for health and salmon stands best among them. Unlike other fishes, it contains the high amount of protein, vitamin, and minerals but an infinitesimal amount of harmful fat. Moreover,

it contains omega 3 fatty acids, well-known for its capability of protecting heart disease and arthritis. A few numbers of foods in the world contain a high proportion of iodine and salmon is one of them.

12 Quick weight loss tips.

Tuna fish is also a good protein and vitamin supplement that does not let the body weight rise but strengthen the immune system by important nutrients. Not only that, tuna fish is also a rich source of vital minerals like potassium, sodium etc. These qualities make tuna and salmon to be an important contributor to your clean eating meal plan for weight loss.

Soups: Soups help people reduce calorie intake by a simple logic of low energy density. It is obvious that a food diluted in water will supply relatively lesser amount of energy than the solid one. But you should be conscious of adding no oils in the soup.


People always get confused in determining the proper way of their journey towards a perfect body weight. As any product or appliances require a manual for its proper utilization, weight loss is not an exception. There are many printed materials and e-books are available in the market,

but the most recommended one is “Lose Weight While Eating”. This e-book is freely downloadable Here ,
written by the writer Nurris.

It contains a detailed discussion about the factors, diets, and procedures of reducing weight in simple words. I will show you why this book is a must-reading for your clean eating meal plan for weight loss.

Firstly you will found a brief discussion about the factors causing obesity. The calculation of Body Mass Index has been illustrated beautifully which is the main tool for understanding the intensity of your problem.

Next, there is a detailed discussion about all sorts of foods of almost every cuisine which helps control weight. The complex mechanism of alkaline foods for reducing weight has been described in simple and easy style.

Here the contribution of sugar to obesity has been highlighted and “21 days sugar-free challenge” has been introduced. A long list of foods has been provided to inform the readers about what to eat and what not.

This is why I’ll suggest you treat the book as an important part of your weight loss eating plan. You will get to know how exercises like yoga help control obesity. According to the book “Lose Weight While Eating”, we should not be too much aggressive while reducing weight.

                           Check this schedule of 7 days meal plans,below.

7 days meal plans,weight loss eating plan,


A detailed list of males and females of different weight and height has been given which describes how much weight to lose in a specific time period. If you know your target properly, it becomes a lot easier to meet it. So what you will have to do is to download the e-book and abide by the clean eating meal plan for weight loss provided. Believe me, it will work magically and you will start to feel the difference in no time.

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