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THE WAY OF HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS Overweight and obesity is the same thing in an alternate shape.

It is a constant issue in the advanced society. This not only brings some physical issues, but it could lead you to death. So you need to control your body weight.

So, how to lose 10 pounds in possible quickest time, and how to do that properly! Today this is our quest. There are several ways of losing your body weight. Some take months for the effects or intended results, to be seen. Like- Taking heavy diet, Exercising, Zero sugar plans, Intermittent fasting, etc, may show promising results. But whatever type you choose, you need to follow some basic rules that can be covered later.

Now in modern days, when the people are more concerned about their health issue and body weight, intermittent fasting seems to be the scientifically proven method, which results in a good burn off your fat. So what is the inner secret of this process that it’s beneficial? Intermittent fasting forces you, to modify your eating habit and style.

That implies you need a little settled time window to take your meal or dinner food, which contains low calories. When your calorie intake, reduced to a level, your body fat will start burning. The fixed time gap will be called feeding window. There are different procedures for intermittent fasting. Like- 16 hour fast with an 8-hour time gap, and another 20 hours fast with 4-hour time gap. That means you have a fixed time gap like 4 hours, in that time, you are provided to eat any food. But you must eat something after 4 hours, and repeat the process. But you need to exercise daily for a predetermined period, to get the most extreme viability.

You may add another effective method of losing body weight called- Lose Your Weight While Eating. That means you can reduce your body weight by eating certain foods. You have to do nothing.

The Mother Nature’s fruits and different vegetables,

as well as various fish and meat, will do the job for you. Foods like- Leafy Greens, Avocados, Cruciferous Vegetables, Beans and Legumes, Boiled Potatoes, Nuts, Fruits, Chia Seeds, Whole Eggs, Cottage Cheese. Full-fat Yoghurt, Tuna, Salmon, Lean Beef and Chicken Breast, etc. will help you to reduce your body weight, if they are adequately eaten. If you are interested, there is a book available on the web that will cover the whole part about how to lose 10 pounds or how you can lose your weight while eating some foods. The name is – “Lose Your Weight While Eating” written by Nurris. That will be a perfect thing for you to read and try the method covered by the book.



The adequacy of losing 10 pounds of your body weight will be associated with the time as well. Since, in the event that you push your body too hard, your body will fall by some other undesirable reactions of your weight reduction technique. So never endeavor to lose excessively of your body weight in a shorter period.

When you begin the strategy?

your body weight diminishes rate in the first week will be fundamentally more than the later period. Since the overabundance, undesirable water will evaporate in the procedure’s initial step. At that point, the muscle to fat ratio start to be normalized and the beginning of fat burning soon. Be that as it may, but you need to follow some rules. Therefore the adequacy will be remarkable by common eyes.

Rules: Stop eating street junk processed foods.

Try not to drink any chilly beverages or wellbeing drinks unless they are prescribed. Drink lots of water, thus your body will remain detoxified stage. Try to meditate for 5-10 minutes before sleeping. You need to exercise for total 60-100minute every day. The different exercise will increase the fat burn due to the intermittent fasting procedure. Don’t ever eat in the feeding window, if you are going through the intermittent fasting procedure. For more information, read the e-book called “Lose Your Weight While Eating” written by Nurris.

So, now you see- how to lose 10 pounds is not the problem. But the problem is a lack of determination when you are following the procedure. You have to make the guarantee or promise to yourself, which you won’t do or eat anything incorrectly in your weight lessening period.

When you are resolved and prepared for accepting the endowment of healthy life, you should begin. Yet, dependable point towards your objective. Thus nothing can disrupt your mind from losing 10 pounds of your body weight in the process or more.


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