Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight

How Many Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight?

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Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight
calories and diet

 How Many Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight? If you start wondering about calories and diet, big chance that you are trying to lose weight right now. For some people, losing or gaining weight seems like a very easy thing to do.

They just can put on some weight on the long holiday and gradually losing them again once they fall into their usual daily activities. However, for some people, maintaining a healthy and ideal weight is more challenging and difficult. So, how many calories actually someone has to eat in order to lose weight?


The relationship between calories and diet

Before we talk about calories and diet, you should understand the actual meaning of calorie first. A calorie is simply a measuring unit of energy. Usually, it is used to measure the energy content of food and beverages that are consumed.

In order to gain weight, more calories need to enter your body while for losing weight more calories need to be burned. However, just cutting calories without having real diet plans usually will not work really well to lose weight. Also, if you try to cut too many calories at once, you will end up hungry and sluggish and eventually give up on diet. You have to make a balanced diet menu, as well as a plan of activities to help, burn the calories that have entered your body without starving yourself too much.

How to count calorie intake for losing weight

There is no exact guideline on how much you can eat a day in order to lose weight but science does make calories and diet arrangement easier. The first thing that you have to know is your basal metabolic rate or BMR. BMR is the minimum number of calories that are burned by the human body to do involuntary function. In another word,

this is the calories that your body will shed while you are doing nothing like breathing, digesting food, and regulating body temperature. Average people will need at least 1200 calories a day to keep your body working alive even if you are staying in bed all day long.

If you go extreme and try to cut your calories intake below 1200, your metabolism can majorly affect. You will end up feeling weak, dizzy and losing muscle mass. Therefore, you still need to eat and it is great for your body if you do it rightly.

On average, if you cut your daily calories intake by 500 per day, you will be able to lose one pound of weight per week. Still, you have to consider various factors like age, activity level and metabolic health to get the exact number. You can eat more calories and not gain weight at all if you have high activity level and metabolism.

Age is also an important factor. Children and teens have higher metabolism since they still growing up, while adult have a slower metabolism and easier to gain weight if they have a low activity level.

Therefore, actually solely counting your calories intake is not the answer to all weight-loss problem and healthiest life. There is no exact formula for balanced calories and diet plan that can fit everyone.

You will definitely lose weight as long as you are not eating excessively and having high activity level. Become obsessive in counting calories intake can also make you stress and feel like you are in endless diet loop.

The idea of counting calories on every food itself is also not sustainable. A lot of official calories label on the food that produced by the manufacturer is not accurate and you will need to measure out portion and scaling your fresh food to get the exact number.

Imagine how much effort that you should do before you can really eat a meal. If the process ends up stresses you out, you will raise your cortisol level that will make losing weight even harder.

How many Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight
calories and diet

Being aware of your calories intake is indeed helpful for losing weight, but it is not everything. It is more important to focus on what you eat instead of on how much you are going to eat it. Avoid processed food and go heavy on real food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, dairy and lean meats.

How many calories do you need to burn and Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight?

This food will send a signal to your brain when you are full to prevent you consume too many of them than what your body actually needs. Keeping a regular exercise plan scheduled and stay active every day also helps a lot if you plan to lose weight properly. Your body will adjust to your routine and soon they will not require you to consume that many calories only to perform your daily activity.

I hope that giving you an idea about Calories to Eat A Day for Losing Weight.

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