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weight loss eating plans

Obesity seems to be a common problem nowadays. Because of the whole social media thing, people are faster to know more news about exquisite delish dishes. This makes people tend to consume more, and for those who don’t have enough time would think less about working out. The condition will only get worse if prolonged, and so we need to somehow reduce our weight. For those who have difficulties in exercising, you can start with weight loss eating plans. This is a delicious way to reduce your weight without having to brake too much sweat. You just need to prepare several types of food each day and eat according to the calorie intake.  This is very effective for people who have severe obesity but will less effective for people whose weight is just a little over the ideal. But still, eating healthy is what you would want to live longer. Here are a part of recipes of weight loss eating plans that would help you through your worst.


Basically, if you have eating plans, you should have your menus readied from the very first day. But what you should prepare is not just your regular menu. The food you are going to take should have balanced and adequate nutritional values. On top of other things, it should contain enough fiber so that your body system will not find any trouble for excretion. You wouldn’t want to suffer any constipation before you get your ideal body shape. Therefore, this weight loss eating plans will contain everything you need to start living healthily and get rid of excess fat in your body. Before you conclude your menus, it is best to calculate your daily calorie intake first and then compare with the menus provided below.


Breakfast  – the First in weight loss eating plans


This is the most important part of the meal. If you are going to have your weight loss eating plans successfully, then you should pay close attention to this part. Did you know that your body absorbs calorie twice as much in the morning than the rest of the day? If you didn’t, then it is a good start to rebuild your eating habit. Reduce your sugar and carbs intake as much as possible for breakfast. Instead, fill it in with more important nutrients like protein and vitamins. You can get these benefits from consuming unsweetened milk, eggs, wholemeal bread, yogurts, fruits, and selected nuts. Avoid as much sugar and carbs as possible, for this two substance are the worst match for weight loss program.



The lunch time is the best time to consume a heavy meal. Take more fiber in the afternoon and protein such as vegetables, and pasta. It is important not to mix the carbs with any kinds of meat. If you want to keep your diet healthy. The menus you can prepare for your lunch: vegetable soup or vegetable ravioli, chicken breast (cooked using least salt and oil, better if plain), mixed vegetables, or nay menus without combining the aforementioned elements. You may also eat some snacks which are good for your body, like berries, cooked eggs(least salt and oil, usually boiled), dried fruits, or anything with least carbs and sugar. Also, avoid foods that are savory or salty, you will eat more than you supposed to, besides your body water retention will increase.




How do you like a heavy dinner? In this weight loss eating plans, there won’t be such thing as eating a lot of food for dinner. The first thing, our food combination doesn’t allow us to eat any kinds of meat with carbs. That already means that dinner would be “less satisfying” than the usual. But one thing you should know that if you have a big dinner with lots carbs, sugar, and salt, that substance will be dormant when you are asleep. Our body only does one single thing to dormant substances: contain them as fat. This is why we should never eat such heavy dinner. If you want a healthy dinner, then you can prepare proteins from meat (half portion than lunch), eggs, and fishes. Eating more vegetables and fruits at night would also help you get a better digestion in the morning.

weight loss eating plans

For people who want to do their weight loss eating plans to the maximum result, that would be pretty hard to do at first. All things should be hard before it becomes our habits. If you think that eating healthy alone didn’t help much, then combine with more physical exercise. This is how you make yourself an ideal body.

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