Weight Loss Eating Plans to Get Rid of Obesity

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weight loss eating plans

Living in obesity is so much tiring, isn’t it? People who are obese often meet difficulties with a lot of things in daily life. This is because of their body size, they often have to deal with different aspects of life. But to reduce weight through exercising is also not an easy job. People who are obese to a certain level are prohibited from doing the excessive physical activity. Doing such would result in another health problems or even permanent handicap. The best way is to have a weight reduction which has many means nowadays. One of the methods is weight loss eating plans which are very easy and don’t involve heavy physical activity.

Following weight loss eating plans just need you to prepare some foods which contain less fat and carbs. The main reason for obesity is because of excessive carbs and /or sugar intake. The excessive substances are kept after turned into body fat, and this condition will keep going on if the eating habit is unchanged. Weight loss eating plans could help to get your ideal body back, combined with some light exercise, the result would be amazing. Here is some sample menu on how to arrange a meal for a day with calculated calorie.

Normally, you would eat three times a day plus snack in between meals. We are gonna keep that pattern, the only one thing different is that the food will be very low in calorie. The absence of sugar and carbs could bring down the calorie content quite significantly. Therefore, you would want weight loss eating plans which are low on those. After you have done it for the first time, the upcoming sessions would be much easier.

Weight Loss Eating Plans Full Course Samples

Here is the sample of full course menu which is low in calorie (sugar and carbs):

Breakfast (266 cals)

You can have something light for breakfast. Allow your digestion system to start slowly and not forcefully by eating large breakfast. You can make a simple avocado egg toast with easy steps. You will need 2 slices of wholemeal bread, ¼ of a medium avocado, 1 large egg cooked in a little cooking oil (preferably olive oil) topped with a pinch of salt and pepper. This simple breakfast is worth less than 300 cal and good for your body.

Morning snack (61 cals)

We call it snack but the concept could be a little different than your usual ones. You may have a ⅓ cup of fresh fruits like berries and oranges, accompanied by a ¼ cup of unsweetened yogurt. Since the yogurt would contain no sugar, the calorie intake is just less than 100 cal!

Lunch (341)

Lunch is the best time to have a heavy meal. You can have 2 cups of ravioli and vegetable soup. A simple one will do, just remember to use less salt or sugar or it will ruin your diet. Aside from the soup, you can also have a vegetable and cheese toast. This whole menu is worth less than 350 cals so you can still rest assured.

Afternoon snack (93)

For this time of the meal, prefer something more nutritious and fresh. Hummus is a good choice for this afternoon snack as well as one cup of sliced cucumber. Both of them altogether have less than 100 cals and is still very healthy. Did you also know that cucumber also helps you in weight loss program?

Dinner (451)

Something good is on the way! You can reward yourself with something tasty for dinner, but no carbs, especially for this time of the meal. You can prepare 4 oz of baked salmon, 1 cup of Brussel Sprouts, ½ cup of brown rice (very low carbs) and 1 spoonful of walnuts. The total calorie for this kind of dinner is just around 451 and have very low carbs, sugar, and salt content.

weight loss eating plans

The hardest part of weight loss eating plans is not preparing the food but eating almost tasteless dishes. It would be very different from your usual eating experience at first but will help you a lot with reducing your weight. Just remember to drink only plain water on this weight loss eating plans for at least 4 weeks and you will see your weight will decrease quite significantly.


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