Losing 3 to 4 Pounds A Week? Consider 700 Calories and Diet

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For those who are looking for quick and effective weight loss, 700 calories and diet can be one for you. We know that many people want to cut their food to lose weight quickly. But what most people overlook is the healthy and nutritious diet. Many have been spelled with the “eat less and move more” propaganda. The problem is that they often neglect the nutritious foods they need to be fit on daily basis. Here we are going to share you the right meals for diet information.

calories and diet

Consider these tips when conducting 700 calories and diet.

When You Are Shopping Around


When you are conducting 700 calories and diet, you need to carefully watch the meals for diet. Purchasing from a convenience store or mini mart is still okay, but be wise. Always read the labels of the packaged foods you want to purchase. Food label consists of important information that may deter or allow you to purchase it. In case you’ve purchased some foods, keep in mind to take no more than 700 calories per day. You may consider this too low but it is actually enough for your body.


Take All The Nutrients Needed for Your Body


As mentioned, many sacrifice the nutritious foods because they focus on decreasing the food intake. Don’t forget to take all the necessary nutrients. This is the key to balanced and healthy diet. Even good fats are needed in the food. A nutritious meal should have high fiber properties. Consider taking raw fruits and veggies. Despite many delicious recipes out there, don’t be tempted to make smoothies with additional sugars. You can simplify it then. Just eat raw fruits and raw veggies.


Diet Regime, Considering Calories and Diet


First things first, you must swear that you won’t eat any junk food and comfort foods which contain bad fats. Because if you break this rule, then the other things in striving for weight loss will be completely wasted.


Since the focus here is 700 calories and diet, then you need to reduce the calorie gradually. Men usually need 1,300 to 2,000 calories per day. That means you will cut half of your calorie intake. For some folks, the drastic change may affect their health. Although the side effect is not significant, you will feel hunger more often. To prevent this, you can gradually reduce the calories. Start with decreasing 100 calories per day and gradually change it until your body is used to conduct it. Do not aim to lose more than 3 pounds a week.


Instead of taking 3 meals per day, divide them into six smaller meals for diet. That means you will make the meals gaps closer. This will prevent you from taking unnecessary snacks between the meals windows. Also, don’t forget to take at least 12 glasses of water per day.


If you are smoking or drinking, stop these habits right now. Sometimes you can’t leave your addiction to them. But it is doable. For coffees aficionado, Switch your caffeine needs by drinking decaf coffees.

calories and diet

Exercise Regime


Though we use the word “regime” here, the reality is not as thrilling as you think. You’ll only need to spare your 30 minutes time on daily basis. You don’t have to be involved with intense and rigorous workouts. Some successful people even start their morning by jogging for 30 minutes in their neighborhood.Consider walking with your puppy in the evening. Not only it will burn some calories, but also make you a happier person of the day. It is also good to do the exercise with your peers. You will have someone who will “nudge” you when you lose a motivation.


Keep Tracking


One of the success keys in losing weight to keep tracking your progress. This way can be done by measuring your waist on daily basis. Although just a little inches of losing, noticing this number will keep you motivated. One thing that many people forget is that besides the right diet and exercise regimen, dieters need good motivation to lose weight quickly. If you want to appear wonderfully in the upcoming events, but do not have weeks or months to lose weight, then 700 calories and diet is the right one for you.




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